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Can Interior Design Styles Reflect Personality Traits?

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us”, a perfect saying, since Home is the place where we spend our good amount of life but we hardly realize this fact. It’s tough to deny the fact that the interior design for house we choose reflects our personality and our way of living.
Allow us to walk you through the most popular Interior Design ideas & styles and their reflection on Personality traits, which can transform a concrete house into a nurtured shelter. ...

Interior Style #1: Contemporary Charisma

Trending cool vibes in Bedroom
Contemporary form depicts any style that is in trend and is extremely subtle. It consists of easy functionalities with modern layouts. This Interior decor works on the phenomenon of “Less is more”.
It consists of the broader category of white, cream, neutrals, beige and browns. Layer on layer, but not monotonous, unconventional modern style. Simulation of colours should be wise. Moreover, using lighthouse design colour on smooth facades & natural elements makes more sense, and is apt for a designer bedroom (or designers home)
Personality Trait:
If you love useful and regulated designs, then this style is what you can opt for. You are a person who loves keeping yourself updated with the recent trends and don’t refrain from changes. Easy, classy and smart is what defines you.

Interior Style #2: Vintage Vacays architecture and interier designing blogs
Vintage decor in modern living room
Vintage Home Interior design are compound but distinct in their own way. It is distinguished by twisted furniture that depicts an era. It’s primitive but unique, and brings grace to the room. It uses abundant Beige and cream colours, in addition to vibrant colors like maroon, green, teals, blue and peach.
Personality Trait:
Attributes of such natives are extremely complex, determined, idealist and motivated having love for antiques.

Interior Style #3: Zen Zeal
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Sufficient daylight for positive mindset
Although Zen in itself is not a design style, its contemporary adaptation has become quite famous, which is inspired by Japanese Zen aesthetics. It depicts harmony and calmness for relaxation and meditation. Open spaces with serene and natural lighting are crucial elements of this style.
Aesthetics inspired by Zen, are associated with soothing tones like grey, white, off-white, beige and pink beige. This design style consists of all those home designing colour which oozes peace, calm, harmony and stability.
Personality Trait:
This design style is apt for people who are positive, simple, energetic, cerebral and organized. These types of people believe in a minimalist lifestyle and have issues with clutter and piling up.

Interior Style #4: Mid-Century Trend
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Serene decor for a modern living room
Mid-century Modern is the most common design style, which combines the comfort & feel of traditional style and the beautiful aesthetics of contemporary style, i.e. the best of both the worlds.
Though strong colors are absent in this style, different shades of the same color can be easily used. This design possesses Warm neutral to dark brown, taupe and vanilla as their distinguishing colors.
Personality Trait:
People who are gentle, pleasant and enduring get easily drifted towards this style. However, they can also be accused of being ethical and firm. Moreover, if you like blending the styles, this can just act as a roadmap you have been gazing.

Interior Style #5: Scandinavian Poise
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Modest bedroom with neutral decor
Scandinavian interior designs is a blend of minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Simple furnishings and cleanliness are the attributes of this style. It also highlights spaciousness and allows ample amount of natural light into the room.
A decoration home based on Scandinavian design features Warm grey, Crisp blues and White colours, as these colors are predominantly present in it. Play with muted tones of color palette, and allow sunlight to brighten up your Interior of homes.
Personality Trait:
Scandinavian style is liked by those people who are social, friendly, elegant, chic and have interest in culture.

Interior Style #6: Industrial Grime
architecture and interier designing blogs
Raw or modern - you decide!
This Interior design style refers to the allurance that comes from old factories components and industrial spaces. This style is characterized by raw unfinished interiors.
Warm tan colours are treasured in this interior style. Different shades of grey work well in this style. Ample amount of white is incorporated by modern industrial designs.
Personality Trait:
People who possess this Interior design style are highly social, charismatic and extroverted. Moreover, they can be eloquent and also they have the ability to accumulate unique things.

Interior Style #7: Neo Ethnic Modulation
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A tale of lights & classic interiors This style is focused on bringing back the tradition in modern house Interior design by combining traditional components with newer ones. It marks the application of clean-lines in furniture, with signs of arts at random.
Portions of light, medium and dark colours go through neo ethnic interiors. Additionally, one can use black or dark tones in blanched rooms.
Personality Trait:
Artists, perfectionists and methodists love this Interior style. Along with exhibiting introverted traits, these people are also highly organized.

Empathizing different interior design styles is crucial to consolidate your personal design likings and then choose the interior decor that can reflect your lifestyle. This is just a small list out of the broad classification of the Design community. Whenever you plan to change your home Interior design, you can take a cue from this, or if you like to take Expert’s recommendation on interior decor ideas then you can consult us at the below given email id.
If you know any other style that would suit your personality, then you can share on the comment section below, along with your feedback, comment and ideas.

By Deepak Vij